I may be overthinking but… hear me out. My name is Kevin Gatti. The title of this publication lightheartedly pokes a little fun at my life long struggle with anxiety and overthinking. I’m posting about mental health advocacy and some of my own personal struggles. I’m also posting about my life as a gay man and the struggles facing the LGBTQ+ Community in this crazy world. I may also share about other topics that interest me. 

I see us all as human beings first. I often struggle to see the reason for the cruelty and selfishness in our world. I believe in live and let live. Respecting the differences of others and listening to the stories others is so important to the big picture of life. Inspiring others to use their unique voice by using your own unique voice is an underrated power move. This thinking often comes out in my work. 

I express on here through opinion, stories, art, and some satire for the always needed comic relief. My hope is that you will relate and/or enjoy what I share. 

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My Book

I am the self-published author of the novel BLACK AND NEON GREEN. You can find the book in paperback and ebook on Amazon. Check out the link below to learn more about my book.

Black and Neon Green

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Check out my website to learn more about me.



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My thoughts, life, art and possibly more. Usually advocating for Mental Health and defending LGBTQ+ Rights, but other things may come up.


Kevin Gatti

Storyteller. Digital Producer. Mental Health Advocate.